The Iowa Python Users Group

Join our slack and log on right before 6 o’clock PM CDT on September 7th for a link to our zoom meeting.

Our Topic: Python all the things

Exploring microPython and Circuit Python on microcontrollers and some IDEs with clever device integrations

Presenter Bio

Ethan is a technologist with a wide ranging variety of interests and experience. He has worked in IT across the construction, financial, and agricultural industries. Starting out in a support role he moved into systems administration and networking and then onward to infrastructure support and eventually into DevOps. His primary tools are ChromeOS, Bash, Python, Vim, and a mechanical keyboard.

He has played with a bit of everything over the years, including VMs/containers/chroot isolation and (ab)using technology in various strange and terrible ways. He is passionate about security because he’s seen how bad things can get and he doesn’t want anybody to have to deal with credential theft or identity theft or even worse breaches.

He currently consults as ComputerPhreaks through Lean Techniques for a large agricultural company in Des Moines.