The Iowa Python Users Group

Join our slack and log on right before 6 o’clock PM CDT on June 2nd for a link to our zoom meeting.

Our Topic: Pathlib

Python’s os.path module has a lot of great functionality to work with file system paths. But have you ever looked at a line of code like this os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) and hoped for a better way? Have you ever had code break when trying to manipulate paths on Windows or Unix? Do you not use os.path and just add strings together? Well, there’s good news! In Python 3.4, a new module appeared in the standard library, pathlib. It makes working with paths much easier, more expressive, and dare I say more fun? Join us in June when python programmer, Chris May, joins us from the East Coast, to give us an exploration of the pathlib module, and why we would want to use it.

Presenter Bio

Over 10 years ago, Chris May started learning python and has been amazed at what one can do with it. Now, he’s empowering others to do more with their time through python training at work, Richmond, Virginia’s PyRVA group, and his website at