The Iowa Python Users Group

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Our Topic


Dataclasses are a new feature added to the Python Standard Library in Python 3.7 through PEP 557. Dataclasses are a code generator, creating boiler plate code for you, simplifying the writing of classes, particularly ones that are designed to be mutable data stores. We’ll look at writing our own dataclasses and the functionality they provide for us.

Our Speaker

Caleb Salt has been using Python for several years now and is fascinated by all the different ways that people use it. He likes Python and Python People. He hopes someday to be as awesome as his kids.

Our Location

LenderClose - 1501 42nd St, Suite 440 West Des Moines IA 50266. There is plenty of free parking in front of the building. The front doors will be unlocked. Then use the elevators to the 4th floor, Suite 440. There will be someone to great you from there.

Our Sponsors


LenderClose provides the latest technology trends to community lenders. LenderClose builds application which solve day to day problems, helps streamline and automate the lending process.

Thanks to LenderClose for providing our location, drinks, and food!