The Iowa Python Users Group

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The Topic

The wikipedia page for “Batteries Included” says:

Batteries Included may refer to:

I really love working with Python, in part due to its extensive standard library. We’ll go over some of the cool things in there looking at code and examples of their use.

This will probably be my last Pyowa as I am moving. Thank you to all those who put in the effort to make this happen. Big thank you to everyone who is part of the community that we are trying to build. You have inspired me to be better and shown me all sorts of cool stuff.

Pyowa people, you rock.

Our Location

The Forge is located at 1420 Locust above Magnolia Wine Kitchen, and across from the Sculpture Park. Enter through the door on the parking lot side of the building, next to Magnolia Wine Kitchen’s outdoor patio. Once inside head up the stairs. Street parking on Locust is free after 6pm.

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