The Iowa Python Users Group

Next Meeting

Thursday, July 10, 2014
6pm - 8pm
The IMT Group (map)
Spencer Herzberg

We will do a workshop style introduction to Docker using Rackspace virtual machines in the cloud. We will cover the basic docker commands. We will show you a few commands and have you work through some simple docker commands on your own in a teacher-student style format.

Things we will cover are:

  • Running, stopping, inspecting containers
  • Building your own container from scratch with Dockerfiles
  • Building a basic Docker based architecture
  • Building and running a Python based webapp (flask) container
  • Building and running a Python background worker container (rq)
  • This workshop will be fully hands-on and the only requirements are that you bring a computer with a ssh client (putty, cygwin, *nix shell) or pair up with someone else. Basic Linux knowledge will be helpful.

The workshop will be lead by Spencer Herzberg.

Spencer is half devops, half developer who is passionate about agile development and automation. He works for Source Allies in Des Moines where he works on a wide variety of languages, frameworks and infrastructure.

Pizza will be provided by IMT. So come hungry (for Pizza and Docker knowledge), and bring a friend!

Hope to see you there!