The Iowa Python Users Group

Next Meeting

Thursday, April 16, 2015
6pm - 8pm
The IMT Group (map)
Wes St. Clair

Note: This month's meeting is going to be on the 16th instead of the 9th because of a scheduling conflict. Next month we will be meeting on our usual night but at the Ames Public Library.

This month Wes St. Clair will be talking about caching in Django.

It seems inevitable that if you grow a large, configurable Django app, you will end up in a place where you are hitting the database far more than you would like, and improving performance will require a large refactor and a loss of code maintainability. Sometimes, caching query results is the best solution. We will talk about caching strategies in general, and Django Cachops, an elegant and powerful ORM caching app.

IMT will happily provide Pizza and Soda.

Hope to see you there!